Nature’s Beatitudes

Blessed is the barn swallow flying above,
blessed is the cooing of the mourning dove.

Blessed is the doe with her spotted fawn,
blessed are the sunset and the first light of dawn.

Blessed are the fishes and humpbacks of the sea,
blessed are the salmon and the native brookie.

Blessed are the hawk and the soaring eagle,
blessed are the kestrel and the cardinal so regal.

Blessed are the Mustang, the Morgan, the Paint,
and Francis of Assisi—all creatures’ patron saint.

Blessed are Monarchs adrift in the sky
and Tiger Swallowtails so easy on the eye.

Blessed is the lion, blessed is the lamb,
blessed are the moose and the mountain ram.

Blessed are those who comprehend
all creatures are their brethren.
Blessed are the meek and merciful
for they shall find their heaven.